Saturday, July 30, 2011

Twitter is useless?

So I had a great idea for a JQuery plugin. What's better, I was going to write it too.

A single line initializes and adds the plugin to your page, which then allows people to tweet from said page, including a shortened link to said page, hash tags of your choice - but that's just the beginning. Then, the plugin retrieves all tweets with the same shortened link, organizes them using create_date and @whoever, and displays them on your page as hierarchical comments.

Basically, a totally painless and free commenting system hosted and authenticated by twitter, displayed on your page with one line. I like. Except for one problem - twitter search doesn't work for included URLs.

If anybody knows how to possibly retrieve all tweets about a given url (or the last 200), please let me know. It's a terrible wasted potential not to allow this.

For instance, here's a twitter account of mine from another project: . The last couple tweets have bitly links. You'd think a twitter search for the link would show up the tweet, but NO! nothing going. Even when you switch from their ridiculous "popular tweets" to "all tweets". What kind of tweet search misses on unique text from a tweet?

facepalms = only 2, but general annoyance is through the roof.


I take it back - some urls hit, some don't. Even better. Possibly, broken urls don't hit? But I'm not sure.

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