Wednesday, October 10, 2012

magento and the dreaded WebFault: Product not exists

Sometimes using SOAP with the Magento V2 API you may search for a product's image (by calling catalog_product_attribute_media.list with the sku as only argument) and receive this hilarious message:

"Product not exists." <-- you can't make this stuff up!

Hilarious but sad, because there's the image right there, laughing at you from the website, and yet your API doesn't have access.

luckily there's an easy fix. in short: append a space to the end of the sku. done. psha. magento, we love to hate you.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

celery + djcelery problem with virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper

this is a tricky one - out of nowhere, production env boxes started failing at celery startup with:

ImportError: cannot import name current_app
when importing djcelery. Versions of celery were fine.
It turns out if you import celery and run
import celery.current_app you'll see the real problem, which is that the virtualenv binary is out of sync with the new python binary from a recent security update - specifically, os.urandom has been changed/removed.

if you have virtualenvwrapper, and you let $ENV=YOUR_ENVIRONEMNT_NAME
So the answer is:

deactivate (in case an env is running)
cd ~/$ENV_HOME (.virtualenvs, for me)
rm $ENV/bin/python
virtualenv $ENV

this will rebuild your python binary with the correct python post-security fix, without losing any other packages. happy hacking!